Good news again!

Professor Thomas F. Coleman has  been named among the Class of 2016 of SIAM Fellows. Tom is currently the Ophelia Lazaridis Research Chair at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He has served earlier as the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo (2005-2010), and also the Director of the Theory Center at Cornell University (1998-2005). Tom’s research contributions are in optimization algorithms, financial optimization, Automatic Differentiation, and in CSC. Tom was a pioneer with Jorge More of Argonne National Lab, to model the estimation of sparse Jacobian and Hessian matrices as graph coloring problems, and thereby develop efficient algorithms for computing these derivative matrices. Tom was the PhD advisor of one of us (Alex Pothen) and Bruce Hendrickson at Cornell, and  through his mentoring and research has profoundly influenced the CSC community.

Xiaoye Sherry Li has also been named among the Class of 2016 of SIAM Fellows (the whole list is here). She is very well known internationally for her work on methods and software for sparse matrix computations. In particular, she is the lead author behind SuperLU (software for solving general sparse systems of linear equations). Her citation also highlights the enabling role of her contributions in large-scale scientific and engineering applications. Sherry has been recently elected to lead the Scalable Solvers Group in Berkeley Lab’s Computational Research Division (CRD).

Congratulations to Tom and Sherry! We are also fortunate  to have Sherry serve on the CSC Steering Committee.

Alex and Bora


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