About CSC Research Blog

Combinatorial Scientific Computing (CSC) is an interdisciplinary research area where discrete mathematics and algorithms are applied to combinatorial problems from Computational Science and Engineering. CSC links scientific computing to algorithmic computer science.

Alex Pothen and Bora Uçar manage the CSC research blog.

Alex Pothen is a Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US. Alex’s research interests are CSC, parallel computing, and bioinformatics algorithms. Alex has led the effort to organize the CSC research community in the early 2000’s.  He served as the Director of the CSCAPES Institute, a pioneering research institute in CSC during 2006-2012, and also as the Director of the Computing Research Institute at Purdue during 2008-2010.

Bora Uçar is a CNRS research scientist at ENS Lyon, France. His research interests include CSC, parallel computing, and algorithms. He has been a big fan of CSC and always appreciated its impacts on computational science. He has assumed different roles in the CSC community; lately he is serving as a member of the steering committee.

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